Apply for Assistance

Please review the following information BEFORE completing the application. You may contact us by phone at 256-299-9726 or email at

Q: How do I qualify?

A: You must be a resident of Jackson Co, AL with a yearly household income of $40,00 or less and/or receive government assistance 

Q: What proof is required?

A: Copy of previous year's tax form (1st page only), government assistance paperwork, or pay stubs may be used. Copies of benefit cards are not accepted. Mark through sensitive information as these forms will not be returned to you.

Q: How long will it take to process the application?

A: Once your completed application has been submitted with proof of eligibility, it will be processed within five business days. Once approved, a voucher will be mailed to you and must be used before the expiration date. If proof of eligibility is not submitted with your application, the application will be automatically rejected.

Q: What does the co-pay cover?

A: The $30.00 cat co-pay and the $40.00 dog co-pay help us cover the cost of your pet's surgery. This co-pay does not cover the cost of additional vetting recommended or charges due to complications. 

Voucher becomes invalid if declaw, ear cropping, or tail docking is done at the time of spay or neuter 

Complete the following items:

* Fill out the entire application. Include a valid phone number and email.

*Attach or send proof of income or government assistance.