Why spay or neuter?

There are many benefits to spaying or neutering (“fixing”) your pet. Here are some of the medical, behavioral, and community benefits:


  • No messy heat cycles, no yowling, frequent urination, or attracting unwanted males
  • Less risk for mammary gland tumors
  • Ovarian and/or uterine cancer risk can be reduced or eliminated (especially if done before the first heat cycle)


  • Reduces or eliminates spraying and marking
  • Eliminates risk of testicular cancer
  • Decreases risk for prostate disease
  • Less likely to mount other pets, people, or objects
  • May decrease aggressive behavior


  • Helps your dog or cat live a longer, healthier life
  • The urge to roam is reduced- your pet will be much less likely to get lost, be injured by motorists, get into fights, and/or to contract diseases while roaming
  • Your pet will be less distracted by natural urges- easier to train and more content being a member of your family


  • “My pet will get fat.” A lack of exercise and overeating cause pets to gain weight, not spaying or neutering.
  • “I want to have more pets just like mine.” There is no guarantee that puppies and kittens will be just like their parents. They may even inherit the worst qualities.
  • “I will find a good home for all of the kittens/puppies.” Shelters are full of pets that need homes already, and new litters only make this problem worse. You cannot be sure that the offspring will find a good home either, as some people may not have the best intentions and some pets end up living in deplorable conditions, are abused, or are used for fighting.
  •  “My pet is a purebred so I can’t fix him/her.” Purebreds also contribute to the problem of companion animal overpopulation and there are many purebreds and their offspring in shelters.
  • “I want my child to see the miracle of birth.” The sad twist is that many, if not all of the resulting kittens/puppies may need to be euthanized if you allow your pet to have offspring you have no intention of keeping. There are many resources available to teach children about birth in a more responsible way.